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In this era of technology, your startup’s success and elevation directly depends on the right choice of technological assets and their alignment. We are here to provide you with a significant component of it with all the alignments in the form of a successful-growing-business that truly speaks your business strategy. What we offer is excellence and quality of the output combined with honesty and loyalty for your startup.

Our team owns your startup as theirs and come up with a unique and relevant solution for it. All in all, we are up to invest our efforts and skills in what matters for you; your startup’s development, growth and success!

Our History


Our Founder and Head Ninja Muhammad Qureshi started an eCommerce store that became an instant hit and got him into a number of publications around the globe. The store was built from ground up with zero prior knowledge, funding, or foreign help.


The success of his eCommerce store made Mr. Qureshi want to help other people to setup great eCommerce stores and websites. In this pursuit, he started offering freelance services as a web designer and developer.


After offering freelance services for about a year, Mr. Qureshi made the shift of starting a web agency and named it Qureshi Creatives. This move was warmly welcomed by his freelance clients.

2019 - 2020

In the initial days, Qureshi Creatives was essentially a one-man-army. But soon enough, Mr. Qureshi hired other “ninjas” to help him in helping startup owners from all around the world to have better websites.

2020 - Future

Qureshi Creatives is ever so growing and aim to be seen as a standard in the web development industry in the near future. Moreover, we aim to help startup owners like you to earn more than $1 billion — come join us in our mission!

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Meet the man himself

Muhammad Qureshi

Muhammad Qureshi

Head Ninja & Founder

Hi, I am Muhammad Qureshi. I am the man behind Qureshi Creatives. I handle marketing, sales, design, development, maintenance, hosting, and customer support!

Furqan helps me with the development side of things.