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The power of words…

…can not be denied. Words do matter and they do make an impact. Choose the right words and you win, choose the wrong words and you loose. Right words can help you win wars and wrong words would send your customer to your competitors. One of the biggest reason of startup’s success (and failure) is choosing the right (or wrong) set of words for their marketing material such as their website, social media and email. If you have an amazing idea, a good website that depicts your core values and even a good marketing strategy, but still your startup is not making good sales, here is what is being skipped — copywriting. Simply put, Copywriting is not about filling the blank spaces on your website. Instead its about filling the blank space between the reader’s decision and your success!

We can already hear you saying, ‘But, I have good-quality-content on my website which abides by the standards and rules of perfect grammar’. And, here is the answer, just in what you said; you don’t need just good quality content. What you need is a flow of words that is of good quality and equally balanced for the comprehension of your target audience, triggers their emotional and logical aspects, and allows them to attain the justification for purchasing your product.’Content’ offers information and ‘copy’ offers value! It allows you to persuade, and convince your reader (your future buyer!) while not even being there.

The amazing Ninjas at Qureshi Creatives have that magic. Our team works closely with you to ‘explore, choose and craft’ the flow of converting-words that stands right for you. We have that ability to transform your startup’s core values into mesmerizing words that engages your prospects and make them your followers, not just customers!


Elements of Meraki Copy

Now that you are convinced that copywriting is one of the hidden-elements in between your startup’s idea and a successful business, you might be wondering how can I know if my copy works or not (is it converting or not?). But, we are here to reveal all those secrets to you as we want you to relish the best and choose to decide the best for your startup. In order to make sure you copy stands effective, you must have these components embedded in it:

  • Your-Why?

    Why should a reader be your buyer? Or in other words, why should one buy your products/services? What’s in it for them, your copy must address this component as a significant one.

  • Your-How?

    How will your products/services help improve the life of the buyer? Or, how are you adding the value to their lives? If your copy does not justify this, you cannot appeal to the emotional aspect of your reader!

  • Your-Who?

    You need to be sure for who does your startup’s idea, product or services stands useful. You have to clearly address your target audience in your sales copy (for sure, only then you can persuade them).

We are happy to reveal all the basic-secrets of copywriting to you because our ninjas work with you to come up with the best for you!


Our words, your results

As a startup owner, you should know the expected output and benefits of every decision beforehand. We are more than happy to help you with that by picking up the spot-on benefits of copywriting for you:

  • Increments Credibility

    Having the most effective triggers and emotional aspects of your target audience on your platform makes it a go-to source for them. This increases the credibility of your startup.

  • Win over Competition

    Copywriting is a very effective, yet one of the most ignored aspects of the business’s growth. If you possess the ultimate essence of it, it’s a bang-on advantage for you over your competitors.

  • Sales plus Conviction

    The exploration of right activators and words allow you to not only increment your sales but also leave a long-lasting conviction of trust and authenticity in the mind of your potential customer.

  • Automated Growth

    In the business world, rightly-chosen-words are the key. Having an aligned flow on your platform allows you to witness automated growth by automated conversion of words to sales and trust.


Your success matters

You startup’s main two challenges stand to reach out to your target audience and increment your sales. In both of these, copywriting plays a significant role. If you are wondering how? Let’s take a look at two of the following scenarios:

When you have ‘content’ that is ‘only’ grammatically perfect

Website visitors

Less engagement

Less prospects

Less customers

Less sales

Less success

When you have ‘sales copy’ that depicts your ‘cores’

Website visitors

More engagement

More prospects

More customers

More sales

More success

We help startups succeed

Assisting your startup in the transformation of it to a successful business stands as our motive. If this sounds so good to be true, then here is the practical proof of our promises and commitments. This startup was also like yours sometime ago, but by making the right balance of its amazing idea and our consistent efforts, it was able to achieve its level of success.

Well, our Ninjas are always ready to help you too. The question is, are you ready to be like this successful business too?


Frequently asked questions

How can effective copywriting help me in increasing my sales?

Effective copywriting allows you to not only reach out to your target audience in a better way but also communicate your core message in an ultimate persuasive method leading to increment your trust among them. All this allows you to increase your sales.

If you were to describe the output I am going to gain, in one sentence, what would it be?

Forget about a sentence, we can describe the output in one word: SUCCESS. Yes, right. Success of your idea, success of your startup, success of your product/service; success, success and success. We are obsessed with success, not our success but your success!

Considering your agency being remote to our startup, how do you assure work quality and consistency?

We are an emerging agency and a registered entity with the government. We follow certain industry quality standards to ensure that the work we do for our clients is of world class quality and has top-notch consistency. Also, we make sure that we keep you updated along with the progress of the work.

I can write my business sales copy myself too, why should I pay your agency then?

We completely believe in your capabilities and acknowledge the fact of you knowing your business better. Our ninjas work closely with you to come up with an output completely in accordance with your cores instilled with the right professional aspects.

Do you offer SEO services? If not, how do you deal with this in copywriting then?

We believe in doing what we absolutely love and in what we are ninjas. That’s why we only offer a limited set of services* so we can give our amazing clients, like you, amazing results.

*The limited set of services include web development, ecommerce development, and copywriting.

Can I have an approximate idea of how much would a sales copy cost to me?

The cost of a sales copy depends on a number of aspects; your competitor research, length of copy, your target audience and a few more. Hence, we can only let you know the sales copy cost when we know all of those factors. For a cost estimate, please contact us.