hand-crafted websites for transforming

your idea into reality


Launching and growing your startup...

…can be tough. Having an amazing idea for your startup is, well, amazing but that alone doesn’t guarantee your startup success. For a successful startup, you need to reach out to the right audience and sell your product or services to them which, we understand, can be quite challenging for new startups like yours. And with limited human and financial resources, budding startups just can not focus on building the product and also growing the startup.

Now imagine having a custom human-made web platform that enables you to reach out to millions of people and sell your product and services to them. Wouldn’t that help your startup achieve success? We are here to help you out with exactly that — we build custom human-made web platforms that transforms your startup idea into a sustainable business.


Your challenges, our solutions

  • Reach out

    After having an amazing idea, getting in touch with your target audience (your potential customers!) and spreading the word about your services can be cumbersome. A website built by keeping your audience in mind can make it way easy for your startup.

  • Build rapport

    Building goodwill among your potential customers is very vital for success of a startup. It can help you build a community around your product/service. A quality bespoke website can do help you do that effectively.

  • Promote product/service

    For a startup to sustain in that market, it needs to promote and sell it’s product/service which, in this age of technological advancement, has become quite difficult. However, a top-notch website built according to your needs can make this task easy for you.

  • Cost management

    With limited funds at hand, effective cost management for all the needs is really important for the long run. Investing in a human-made website built specifically for your startup can help you reduce long term expenditures.

  • Minimize dependency

    The biggest problem with depending on 3rd party platforms that you don’t own is that you can not scale exponentially. Our websites are 100% hosted and owned by you which allows your startup to scale exponentially.

  • Team building

    Finding the right people for the right job can be tough. With our in-house developers and copywriters, we are more than happy in ‘sharing’ our team with you so you don’t have to spend countless days on hiring skilled persons.


Our plan for your startup's success

Your startup is your significant other (well, almost) — you love and care for it. And we totally understand that — why? — because we have been in your position in the past and we are fully aware how this feels; the feeling of being in love! And that’s why we are here for you to build a top-notch world class human-made website for your startup. Do you know how much important a website is for your startup? It’s like having wheels for your cars. No matter how sophisticated car (your startup) you have built with impeccable engine and flawless body, if your car doesn’t have wheels, you can not go anywhere. We put wheels on your cars to get you where you want to go: to the top!

The only reason the website we develop, outperforms all your competition’s websites lie in this little secret ― we listen to you, pay attention to your needs and understand your startup goals. Only then, can we discover what your customers’ desire, creating for you; lifelong customers & startup success.

When you get in touch with us, we gather our best minds, analyze your problems, consider various solutions & only choose that which solves your problem accurately, and support you after your launch. All this ensures a successful transformation of your startup into a sustainable business that will prove it’s worthiness over the years to come.

While developing, we focus on 3 things: First, thorough research about problem; Second, user centered design; and third, alignment with latest design trends. Only then can a customer centric website ― a website that appeals specifically to your target market and stamps you in their heart and lives ― be developed. But the thing is that we don’t just develop websites, we build businesses. We transform your ideas into businesses that last longer than those website design trends. We do this not only because we are confident, but because we care, genuinely, about you.

We help startups succeed

Assisting your startup in the transformation of it to a successful business stands as our motive. If this sounds so good to be true, then here is the practical proof of our promises and commitments. This startup was also like yours sometime ago, but by making the right balance of its amazing idea and our consistent efforts, it was able to achieve its level of success.

Well, our Ninjas are always ready to help you too. The question is, are you ready to be like this successful business too?


Frequently asked questions

How do you represent the core values of my startup using a website?

We absorb ourselves into your startup’s core values, understand them fully and then go ahead with aligning components such as design, layout, colors, fonts, and content. Only then we are able to develop a human-made website that truly represents your startup’s core values.

If you were to describe the output I am going to gain, in one sentence, what would it be?

Forget about a sentence, we can describe the output in one word: SUCCESS. Yes, right. Success of your idea, success of your startup, success of your product/service; success, success and success. We are obsessed with success, not our success but your success!

Considering your agency being remote to our startup, how do you assure work quality and consistency?

We are an emerging agency and a registered entity with the government. We follow certain industry quality standards to ensure that the work we do for our clients is of world class quality and has top-notch consistency. Also, we make sure that we keep you updated along with the progress of the work.

Many free online tools can help me build a website for my start-up, why should I pay your agency then?

Yes, there are a number of online tools that let you build website for free or just a minimal fee. However, what we are offering is totally different; we are not offering websites, instead we are offering top-notch human-made web platforms that are completely bespoke to your startup which ultimately forms the basis of transformation of your startup into a sustainable business.

Do you offer SEO services? If not, how do you deal with this in web development then?

We believe in doing what we absolutely love and in what we are ninjas. That’s why we only offer a limited set of services* so we can give our amazing clients, like you, amazing results.

*The limited set of services include web development, ecommerce development, and copywriting.

Can I have an approximate idea of how much would a website cost to me?

The cost of a website depends on a number of aspects; your target audience, desired design and layout, number of pages and a few more. Hence, we can only let you know the website cost when we know all of those factors. For a cost estimate, please contact us.