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An awesome idea, but fewer resources...

…can be challenging. Your awesome idea of startup needs the right action steps to help you set up a successful business. And those steps are backed up by resources. We understand that having enough resources in the initial days of the startup could be a taxing element as the startup owner (you!) has to spend the limited resources on inventory management, marketing, and a bunch of other stuff. But, this doesn’t mean that it’s a dead-end for you.

Let’s think for a moment that you are able to set up a world-class, lead-getting and revenue-generating website for your startup with fewer resources. Seems like a dream come true, right? And, it’s possible! We are here to help you with it: Our platform of Meraki Sites allow you to build your own pixel-perfect website just like the way you have always wanted it to be, without the big development costs.

The Process

Let us guide you through the process!

  • Step 1: Choose a template

    From the templates collection, choose the one that depicts your startup’s approach, values and goals in the most appropriate way.

  • Step 2: Sign up

    With no further due, sign up for the chosen template. Ensuring to make the procedure of sign up an easy one is on us.

  • Step 3: Customize the template

    Having the website with your own touches, is always an amazing feeling. Time to customize your website to have it a part of ‘you’ in it!

  • Step 4: Launch

    Why to wait longer? Let’s launch that amazingly great website you just crafted. (Our team is proud of your web designing skills. You did a great job!)

  • Step 5: Grow

    Time to relish the multiplying growth of your startup. Let your website do its job while you focus on the other aspects of your startup.

  • Step 6: There is no step 6!

    You can get your website up and running in just 5 steps. The Ninjas of QC wish you all the best for your growth and success!

We are different

Our philosophy

Your startup is your significant other (well, almost) — you love and care for it. And we totally understand that — why? — because we have been in your position in the past and we are fully aware how this feels; the feeling of being in love! And that’s why we are here for you to build a top-notch world class human-made website for your startup. Do you know how much important a website is for your startup? It’s like having wheels for your cars. No matter how sophisticated car (your startup) you have built with impeccable engine and flawless body, if your car doesn’t have wheels, you can not go anywhere. We put wheels on your cars to get you where you want to go: to the top!

This is worth the wait

The wait is always hard, we understand. But, when it’s about something amazingly great; it’s worth it, right?

Come join us in the launch of Meraki Sites!

‘Good things come to those who wait’

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We help startups succeed

Assisting your startup in the transformation of it to a successful business stands as our motive. If this sounds so good to be true, then here is the practical proof of our promises and commitments. This startup was also like yours sometime ago, but by making the right balance of its amazing idea and our consistent efforts, it was able to achieve its level of success.

Well, our Ninjas are always ready to help you too. The question is, are you ready to be like this successful business too?


Frequently asked questions

What makes this different from other website builders?

First of all, let’s get this straight: Meraki Sites is not just a website builder. It’s a complete platform! The whole platform of Meraki Sites is built while keeping your startup and you in mind. Just choose a template, customize it and voila! — You just made yourself a full-fledged website that gets you leads on auto-pilot.

Do I need to worry about the complex back-end stuff?

Short answer: No.
We are here for all the complex back-end headache so you can sip your latte and enjoy.

Do I need any help from a web developer?

Short answer: No.
The template library has templates that were hand-crafted by professional web developers at Qureshi Creatives (aka Web Ninjas) in such a way that you can just edit the content using a drag and drop builder and all set to go!

Is the web copy included in my website?

Absolutely, yes. All the content within a template is yours. However, if you need a more personalized web copy that perfectly aligns with your startup, head over to Meraki Copy and we will write a copy just for you.

Do I have complete access to my website after launch?

Absolutely, yes. You would have complete access to the website on Meraki Sites platform.

Can I link my own domain with my website?

Yes, you can link up your custom domain with your website.