Our Culture

  • We believe in individuality, allowing every individual to put their equal share in our combined growth.
  • Our passion defines our purpose, which gives us a ‘why’ to be the best.
  • We align all our efforts to put in maximum input to achieve the more than expected output.

Our Commitment

  • We commit to deliver creativity and functionality combined, both under one roof.
  • We aim to provide you with a collaborative work experience so that you can stay updated about your startup.
  • We guarantee the output to be more than expected.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the best website development and content writing services for new startups —  technology startups, in particular. We own your startup as ours and assist you in its growth by putting in the efforts, time and creativity.

Our Vision

We will be looked upon as the standard in the website development industry. We will build a never-ending chain of the technology start-up by making use of our expertise and efforts.

Qureshi Creatives will help startup owners to earn more than $1 billion.

Our Values

Our core values form the basic pillars of the Qureshi Creative’s existence. We thrive to abide by these values in every ounce of effort we invest in your startup:

  • Creativity

    Qureshi Creatives instills its unique set of creativity in your startup and its growth.

  • Communication

    We work ‘with’ you to make sure the results are as amazing as expected.

  • Fulfillment

    We are always ready to fulfill our promises and commitment by coming up with more than anticipated outputs.

  • Excellence
    Our team is always ready to deliver the best and exceptional for your startup.