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The lack of direction and your startup

Expecting that you will always know the direction your startup is going to head towards is quite non-obvious. 

Your startup will keep on changing its direction following the internal and external scenarios. And, this is not a drawback, but a piece of great news. 

Having your startup structured in such a way that it stands adaptable and flexible is always useful in the long run.

But, at times, it leads to the conflicting thoughts of not knowing where is your startup headed at the present moment. 

Writing down your thoughts and all the external factors on a paper along with the objectives of your startup stand helpful. It allows you to give an unbiased point of view to a practical scenario. 

Dividing the big tasks into smaller chunks of executable ones is always the key. It makes management and planning more effective.

Uncertainty is a partner of the business, accept it, and work along with it.