For us to start maintaining your website, we need the following information:

  • Hosting account login credentials
  • Domain account login credentials
  • New WordPress admin user

To securely share the login credentials, please follow the instructions:

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard > Users > Add New and fill in information like so:
    • Username: QureshiCreatives
    • Email:
    • Role: Administrator
    • Note: You can leave other fields as they are.
  • Go to this link for sharing passwords.
    • Enter the following as message: (click to copy)
      -- Hosting information --
      -- Domain information --
    • Enter the usernames and passwords.
    • Select 24 Hours in Expires In option.
    • Click on "Create Private Encrypted Link".
    • Click on "Copy" and paste in the form on right.
Leave this field blank

Why do we need this information?

  • WordPress admin user: So we can regularly update WordPress core, themes, and plugins + take measures to secure the website + make backups.
  • Hosting account: So we can quickly restore your website from our off-site backup server.
  • Domain account: So we can make sure DNS is setup correctly and the website remains up and running.