This success story is about Brick24, a prestigious toy brick company from Germany. Brick24 works directly with the world’s leading toy brick manufacturer LEGO. To get approved from LEGO for a partnership, Brick24 needed a robust platform namely LEGO Experience Portal. Here at Qureshi Creatives, we took full responsibility and developed a top-notch bespoke and robust platform for Brick24 that got them approved from LEGO and helped them gain over 1,032% ROI. Here is their story.

Brick24 GmbH
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The challenge of Brick24 was to have a multilingual platform where they can have multiple frontends and manage all of them in a single dashboard. Each frontend to be either a catalogue of their products or an e-commerce store where they can sell their products. And not just this, they needed this platform to have an aesthetic design and robust enough to get approved from LEGO.

The frontends were supposed to have a different design, page structure and products with only a few things common in them. Each frontend was to have a functional and modern design that makes the user experience unforgettable.

The dashboard was supposed to be the control centre for all the frontends and manage everything from one place. From media to products and from pages to platform’s settings, everything needed to be here. And all of this was supposed to be in an easy-to-use UI so even a non-technical person with no experience in this field can easily manage stuff.


After going through the requirements and understanding them thoroughly, the Ninjas at Qureshi Creatives took the full charge to take care of the design and development of this complex project.

First, we designed an architecture based on the requirements and started the research for the best solution to the challenge that our client had.

After extensive research, we saw that WordPress Multisite seemed to provide the perfect framework (with certain customizations) for us to develop a robust platform for our client. However, to make sure that all the requirements are met, we had to do quite a lot of customizations in the framework and our experience Ninja developers handled that task.

Our designers made the perfect design for the frontends that fulfilled all the requirements and integrated well with the one universal dashboard. This allowed us to solve the challenge with a promising output.


After a few weeks of development and revisions, the moment of truth had come — the meeting of our client Brick24 with LEGO for the partnership approval. While the Brick24 team was in the meeting, the Ninjas at Qureshi Creatives were on their feet and agog to hear the good news!

And finally, it came: our client had landed a partnership from LEGO that helped them grow substantially. And in virtually no time, Brick24 had made a return on investment of 1,032% (yes you read it right, one thousand plus percent!)