This success story is about The Offord Brand, a veteran-owned streetwear brand from the USA. They sell aesthetically designed apparel on their website. To start this journey, they needed a functional ecommerce platform. Here at Qureshi Creatives, we took full responsibility and developed a top-notch bespoke ecommerce website that catered all the needs of The Offord Brand to start selling right away. Not just this, since the inception of The Offord Brand, we have been taking care of all the technical aspects of maintaining the website and the server, so that the owner can focus on growing the business. Here is their story.

The Offord Brand
Meraki Ecommerce and Meraki Maintenance


The challenges of The Offord Brand were, first to have an ecommerce platform to start selling and second to have someone take care of all the technical aspects of maintaining the website. All this to make sure that the owner himself can and focus full-time on growing the business.

Since the requirement was a drop shipping ecommerce platform, there was a need of a payment integration that is robust, secure and reliable. Moreover, the API integration of the website backend with the drop shipping provider also needed to be secure as the customers private information such as email and address had to be sent over.

The frontend design of the store was to be user-friendly to make the user experience great and to maximize the conversion rate that would lead to more sales. Talking of sales, all the sales information was to be shown in the admin dashboard so the owner can take a look at how his store is performing.


The nature of this business made its website very important for it—without a great website, the business simply can’t run and prosper. So the Ninjas at Qureshi Creatives rolled up their sleeves and got to work. First, we had to research the best technology for this particular case that would deliver optimum results. After extensive research and discussion with the startup owner, we chose WooCommerce (on top of WordPress) for the ecommerce website and Printful for the drop shipping.

Now with the right technology in our arsenal, all we had to do was to make it work flawlessly for the desired output. Designs were put in place, lines of code were written, and after just a few weeks, we had done it again—an ecommerce website that spoke for itself!

The owner noticed that we love what we do and deliver results. And in his own words, “Team Qureshi, is more than just a business partner. Everything they do, they do it with LOVE and with care and concern for the client. That’s very rare in today’s society.” Thus he signed up for our Meraki Maintenance plan and let the Ninjas at Qureshi Creatives handle all the website security issues, broken links, outdated plugins, and much more allowing him to focus on growing his business.


The efforts of the Ninjas turned out to be amazing Ninjazing! The owner loved the output and the customers showed their liking of the ecommerce website by shopping from it. And the Ninjas were proud of their work!

Maintenance of an ecommerce website was also managed very well by us and in the words of the owner: “We have been working together now for over 3 years… During our relationship we have been up about 97% and down only 3% so we would call that a pretty good success rate.”